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The Bee Session - The Flight of the Bumblebee

This video concept was inspired by a cool backstage version of (Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee) played by our exceptional guitarist, Francois "Le Mitraille" Rioux, and his good friend-virtuoso-violinist Sylvain Neault.

Francois has played with The Lost Fingers since the beginning of 2014 and recorded 2 albums with us and it has been an honour. His addition to the band has "upped our game" and brought an impressive virtuosity and beautiful musicality to our program. Audiences around the world are always left dazzled by Mr. Mitraille's playing!

Francois "Le Mitraille" Rioux, we The Lost Fingers, thank you for your talent, good positive vibe and dedication. Here's to many more years and projects together!

Single and remix by Peakafeller are available on iTunes, Spotify, etc : https://lostfingers.lnk.to/beesOp

Alternate page: http://l-abe.com/lost-fingers-flight-bumblebee


Credits :
Caméra : p34k Sébastien Hamel
Montage : p34k Sébastien Hamel
Direction/conception/Direction artistique : Byron Mikaloff et Martin Tremblay
Réalisateur / Directeur artistique / Directeur photo : PINCH / Martin Tremblay - lepinch.com
Habillage/Stylist : Byron Mikaloff
Mixage: Eric Rathé - Studio B-12
Mastering: Marc Thériault - Le LAB
Location: Floramiel (floramiel.ca) 608 5e Rang, Val-Alain, QC Canada

Floramiel (bees, hives, location and honey)
Multi-Caisses INC. (Hat modification and paint job)
Tiger of Sweden (Suits,shirts accessories and shoes)
Cor Sine Labe Doli (ceramic bow ties)
Valley Beekeeping Supplies (Beekeeper Hats)

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