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Lost in the 80's

Date de sortie: 6 mai 2008
Maison de disque: Tandem.mu
Ingénieur: DickDuff #8
Mastering: Jean-François "Frisco" Roy
Musiciens: Byron Mikaloff, Alex Morissette, Christian Roberge
Photographe: Martin Tremblay (lepinch.com)
Graphisme: Fokus Productions

Liste de lecture: 

Pump up the jam

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  1. Pump up the jam 
  2. You give love a bad name
  3. You shook me all night long
  4. Incognito 
  5. Touch me 
  6. Part-time lover
  7. Fresh
  8. Billie jean
  9. Careless whisper
  10. Tainted love 
  11. Straight up
  12. Black velvet

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